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Course Consultant @ Kuala Lumpur

Urgent! Consultant needed very much! 20 course consultant are needed for this Hari Raya...

Job Scope : helping university to promote new course

Market : college or university student

Way of doing : make sales by calling; data base is not provided, have to find own customer

Salary : High commission!based on experience!

Requirement : aggressive, independent, able to make call, have to met customer sometime, friendly, won't give up easily.

Anyone who are interested on it, please leave your own details to [email protected]. No question please. Q&A will be given during interview section. Thank you for the cooperation.

Skills: Communication, Sales, Promoting
Location: Kuala Lumpur
State: KL
Onsite: Yes
Salary: based on experience, high commision based
Working Hour: 12PM - 5PM
Start Date: 20 August 2012
Duration: 1 month
Contact: Justin
Phone: 016 - 9270069