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Blogger/Blogshop Contributors RM10+/Accepted Submission @ Malaysia

We're looking for bloggers and blogshop owners to contribute to our news portal.

Bloggers or Blogshop owners can post any useful information in technology, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion. (not necessary need to be a lengthy article)

If your submission is accepted, you can be paid from RM10-RM100 per accepted submission.

Interested candidates are required to provide your website and tell us which types of topics are you comfortable with. Send the details to contact(at)

We can accept both Malay and English submissions.

Skills: Writing skills, good at social media news, artistic talents, love to surf internet
Location: Malaysia
State: Selangor
Onsite: No
Salary: RM 10 - 100 per accepted submission
Working Hour: Not Applicable
Start Date: 3 April 2013
Duration: No Limit
Contact: KC