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Malay Female Model Needed RM500/Day @ KL

We looking for malay female models who are interested in photoshoots to build up portrait portfolio in different themes.

Suitable for those looking to expand her portfolio or ladies who wish to have photo taken for memory or other purpose.

  • Able to provide own clothes and make up
  • Available on saturday or Sunday
Prior to photoshoot a discussion will take place to work out a theme etc...
Post processed photos will be given to you and salary: RM500-RM600 (depending on experience)

Skills: Modelling
Location: Kuala Lumpur
State: Anywhere
Onsite: Yes
Salary: RM500 / Day
Working Hour: 5PM - 9PM
Start Date: 22 March 2014
Duration: 1 day
Contact: Tiara
Phone: -