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Entry Level Financial Planner/Financial Advisor/Administrator 初级理财人员/行政人员 RM100/Day @ Petaling jaya

Company overview
  • Elite Venture Estate Planning Advisory is a Premier Boutique Estate Planning & Advisory firm that providing personal, corporations and high net worth individuals with a diversified range of Estate Planning & financial service.
  • Our company carry out sophisticated planning services in the field of Will writing, Private Trust Services, Business Succession Planning, Offshore Company Formation & Offshore Trust Management, Comprehensive Financial Planning Services, Investment Planning Services, Corporate Risk Management and Bereavement Care Service.
  • Our company is a member of Rockwills international group. The Rockwills Group of Companies has operations in both Malaysia and Singapore, by far the largest professional estate planning company in the region, of which providing solutions and support services in the areas of succession, management and distribution of wealth.
Qualification and skills
  • Candidates are business oriented towards financial planning/ administration with or without working experiences, candidates have no working experiences in the mentioned field is required to possess diploma/degree with related majors.
  • Candidates’ age should be between 23 to 30 years old, good command in Chinese and English. Chinese ethnic is preferred.
  • Be passionate towards work with good attitudes, self-managed, hardworking and willing to learn is preferred.
Salaries and benefits
  • High earnings potential and comprehensive benefits include travelling& holiday opportunity, medical compensation.
  • Basic salary up to RM 2500 per month is provided.
  • Incentives and bonus will be given depending on performance, up to RM5000 is reachable.
  • Ambitious individuals have the opportunity to develop a management career without climbing a corporate ladder of seniority.
How to apply
Send your resume to the following email address: [email protected]
or contact Ms. Meng for more information, contact number: 018 3827096

  • Elite Venture Estate Planning Advisory 是一家向个人以及企业提供专业理财、规划、咨询等服务的公司。 本公司涉及领域广泛,服务种类多样。我们向客户提供各种理财方案包括遗书预写, 私人信托,制定商业成功运营战略, 建立海外公司及海外信托管理,投资管理, 企业风险管理, 哀伤辅导等。
  • 本公司是Rockwills 国际集团的成员之一。母公司下属的子公司遍及马来西亚和新加坡,Rockwills 国际集团是迄今为止在此领域之内最大的提供专业理财, 管理, 财富分配服务的理财公司。
  • 具有希望投身于理财、行政行业的热诚, 有无经验皆可。
  • 无经验者持有相关学术文凭的优先。
  • 年龄在23 到30岁之间,能够流利的用中英文沟通。华人优先考虑。
  • 对工作时刻保持激情,自律性强, 脚踏实地, 有上进心。
  • 工资待遇实行基本工资和表现奖金模式。 基本工资在两千到两千五之间。分红和奖金根据个人表现而定, 总收入可多达五千令吉。
  • 我公司提供各种福利包括医疗补贴, 度假机会。
有意申请者可将简历投递到以下邮箱:[email protected] 或者联系孟小姐,联系电话:018 3827096

Skills: promotion
Location: Petaling Jaya (PJ)
State: Selangor
Onsite: Yes
Salary: RM100 / DAY
Working Hour: 9am - 5pm
Start Date: 10 July 2014
Duration: one year
Contact: menglu
Phone: 018 - 3827096