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Sale Coordinator/Manager RM250/Report @ Malaysia

General Job @ Malaysia

We are a group of selling a monopoly hi-tech, a computational service toward the whole world of about 10 million customers. We are looking for sale-coordinators to monitor the sale.

<<Job Description>>
- Coordinate every sale process and submit the sale report.
- Jobs are computer-aided and automated, easy for everyone.
- Provide training and needn't any experience or educational background.
- Individual, company or corporate can apply.
- Student, housewife, retiree, jobless or disables are welcome!
- Based on work-at-home, SOHO, freelance.

- RM250 per initial-sale report.
- RM10 per all secondary-sale report.
- Bonus RM50K for the first 100 initial-sale reports.

The following promotions are available for the suitable candidates.

- RM400 per the 2nd and 3rd sale report.
- RM10 per all after-4th-sale report.
- Bonus RM300K for the first 1000 initial-sale reports.
- All income from Google Ads.

- Package same to manager's
- 1% of the net revenue.
- 100% ownership of a sale and marketing Franchise Company.

Please send your full resume to us.

Skills: Don't need
Location: Malaysia
State: Anywhere
Onsite: Yes
Salary: RM250+/report
Working Hour: Any
Start Date: 2014-12-01
Duration: 1 Year
Contact: Johnny Kao
Phone: 0172954024