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Find/Create Random REAL Questions & Answers RM0.10/Question

Data Entry Job @ anywhere

Malaysia Student Part Time Jobs


RM 0.10 - RM 0.20 per question (Question in English Language)

JOB: Find or create random REAL Questions and Answers

JOB DESCRIPTION: I need to populate a Q&A database with FACTUAL questions and answers. There are the 5 types of Q&A need to be constructed:
  1. Simple
  2. True/False
  3. Value Range
  4. Multiple Choice
  5. Exclusive Choice
The FACTUAL questions and answers should be in English. They can be from pop culture trivia, educational/quiz/test/exams, any industry-specific training material, science-fiction... ANYTHING AT ALL, in any category.

  • Hardworking
  • Give good cooperation.
  • Able to follow instruction
  • Experience in using Google Form or Excel
  • Have Cimb account (for payment)
If you have the following requirement fill the form below.
I will contact you later for further explanation about the job via email.
It may take 2-3 days.
Check Your Email Regularly.

Thank You.

(This job is applicable until 20/1/2017)

Skills: english
Location: anywhere
State: Anywhere
Onsite: No
Salary: RM 0.10 - RM 0.20 per question
Working Hour: anytime
Start Date: 20/1/2017
Duration: 1week
Contact: Cyber Lead
Phone: Spam