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High paid party girl / massage girl all around world RM1500/Day @ US, Australia, Europe

Models Job @ Usa , Australia, Europe

Malaysia Student Part Time Jobs

(1 Job) Bar/karaoke Hostess Position Rm 128- 160 Per Hour at least!! No Experience Required at KTV at all around Australia, Canada and America. (suitable for few days worker also ) you can always leave if you don't like the job, we don't ask for any work commitment

Want to Get Paid Extremely Generously too Party?

We are looking for casual and full time Hostesses to join our team at a popular Karaoke. You have to be friendly, energetic, customer focused and be able to have fun.

Pay would be Depending on Experience, Part-Time, Full-Time and place etc...

Free Staff Meals Every Shift

Company Incentives

Generous Tips

Some of your responsibilities will be ;

Serving food and drinks.
Working with your co-workers / team mates (Normally 3 - 4 Hostesses in a room).
Ensuring the customers are having a good , fun time. By keeping the party atmosphere alive and getting involved in the partying yourself !
Keeping rooms clean and tidy
Boosting F&B Sales
Each booking / customer ,you will be selected or assigned to specific
Karaoke Room or more than one room at a night.

Working hours will depend on customers, your enthusiasm and ability to attract return customers / business .

Your hour is counted only when you start serving the customers. The high pay per hour and tips you will receive from customers will more than make up for this

- Time: 8:30pm - Late

100 percent not any sexual activity! It's legal license KTV full of cctv, we are very strict about our worker not able to have any sexually involved with any customer!!!

If You Like to Party, Have Fun and Socialize , then might aswell be getting paid extremely generously for it!

(2 job) Massage job , high pay with extramely good paid, very private profile. Good for fast money job. Free accommodation and all meals.

Friendly environment :)

Please text on or line Scammer

And we will be sure to respond to you within a day

Skills: Social
Location: Usa , Australia, Europe
State: Anywhere
Onsite: Yes
Salary: At least 1500 per day
Working Hour: Depends on the job
Start Date: 2016-11-01
Duration: It can be casual job or full time job
Contact: Lilly
Phone: Scam