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Muslimah Model RM200/Session @ Kuantan / Kemaman / Nearby

Models Job @ Kuantan/Kemaman/Nearby

Hai. AraLanika is a new brand for hijab. W e are looking for muslimah model who has good personality and attitude. If interested, please send to us your photo ( the more the better ) at whatsapp us at 0133928446. Please inform us about yourself and your experience in modelling. Will entertain all the enquirers within 24 hours. InsyaAllah. This photoshoot session, is based on our product quantities.and the salary is negotiable.Thank you.

Note: Prefer to be contacted via email.

Skills: Product Modelling
Location: Kuantan/Kemaman/Nearby
State: Pahang
Onsite: Yes
Salary: 200/session
Working Hour: 9.00AM-5PM
Start Date: 01/01/2015
Duration: 1-2 Days
Contact: AraLanika
Phone: 013-3928446