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Teppanyaki Restaurant Administrative Executive RM1,000/Month @ Old Klang Road, KL

General Job @ Old Klang Road

We currently owns and operate the #1 Teppanyaki Restaurant in Malaysia. We need someone to come to the restaurant on a daily basis to do paperwork.

Our paper work is simple and direct. Basically of delivery orders and invoices from vendors for our goods and ingredients. Also this person has to do pretty much daily inventory of our stock. It is only 3 hours per day, Mon-Fri. No rocket science here. Maybe this person has to liaise with our accountant on certain aspects like staff salaries, food cost etc.

This person has to design and keep a copy of excel sheet that tracks everything in detail.

Skills: Basic Accounting, Inventory, Simple Data Analysis, Excel Sheet
Savvy etc
Location: Old Klang Road
State: Kuala Lumpur
Onsite: Yes
Salary: RM1,000 per month
Working Hour: 11PM to 2PM
Start Date: 2015-01-02
Duration: 5 Day Week
Contact: Melvin
Phone: 019-3171919