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Part Time Personal Assistant RM75/Half Day @ Kuala Lumpur

General Job @ Kuala Lumpur

I'm a 29 year old career woman looking for a personal assistant to help me out TWICE a month (during your exam time no need) for half a day (or less, depends). I will pay RM150 a month (RM18.75/hour).

Due to my job, my weekdays and weekends are full. I also travel a lot which means I am unable to do a lot of things in Malaysia while I am overseas.

A few things that I need help with:
1) Sending/picking my clothes for dry cleaning/tailoring
2) Shopping for my child/myself/parents
3) Grocery shopping
4) Other similar activities

You will need your own transportation. In the event I have nothing for you to do that week, I will still pay you the full amount of RM150.

I live and work in KL so it would be good if you're also around that area.

Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested.

Skills: Trustworthy, honest, organized
Location: Kuala Lumpur
State: Kuala Lumpur
Onsite: No
Salary: RM75 / half day
Working Hour: half day
Start Date: 2014-12-01
Duration: 2 days a month
Contact: Jenny
Phone: email only